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The Cassidy Story from Ireland to Cassidy Lake and Beyond (2007)This 88-page 6″x9″ spiral-bound book tells the story of the family from the beginning in Ireland, to the homestead at Cassidy Lake, to the far corners of Canada and the United States. New in this book is information on our ancient ancestors in the 1300 AD time frame. Of more recent times, we chronicle the assembly and divestiture of the homestead property at Cassidy Lake from 1823 to today. The book is essentially a print version of what’s in these web pages without subsequent updates. Members can view and download the book in Adobe PDF format at no cost. [View]

The Cassidy Family History 1797-1949 (1949)
This is the original compilation of the history and genealogy of the Cassidys of Cassidy Lake. It was compiled in conjunction with the re-dedication of the church at Cassidy Lake.Members can view and download the book in Adobe PDF format at no cost. [View]

Documents/Reports/Genealogy Articles

The Story of Brian Allan CassidyBrian Cassidy2023
Building Clover Hill Schoolhouse 1912Anne RenwickOct. 2023
A Precious Legacy – Building a Scale Model of Cassidy Lake HomesteadAnne RenwickJune 2014
Letters by AR Cassidy 1972-1979 re Cassidy Lake HomesteadTranscript
Tracing the Cassidy Property at Cassidy LakeBrian CassidyMay 2008
Church Property Transfer 1890Transcript
Cemetery Plot PlanSept. 2012
Cassidy Lake Property Contract 1823Transcript

Census Records for The Cassidys of Cassidy Lake
In 2015, Brian Cassidy did an extensive analysis of the New Brunswick census records from 1851 to 1921. This is tedious but rewarding work. You can see from his summary analysis the insight that can be revealed by such methodical analysis. Click the links below to view his summary analysis as well as the original census documents.

Census Records Summary Analysis

Census 1851 Thomas Jamieson

Census 1851 William and William Milligan Cassidy and Robert Nesbitt

Census 1861 Henry and Thomas Cassidy

Census 1861 Robert Nesbitt

Census 1861 Thomas Jamieson

Census 1861 William Cassidy

Census 1861 William Milligan Cassidy

Census 1871 James Cassidy

Census 1871 Joseph Orr

Census 1871 Thomas Cassidy

Census 1871 Thomas Jamieson

Census 1871 William and Francis Cassidy and Robert Nesbitt

Census 1901 Francis Edward Cassidy and William Milligan Cassidy and Robert Nesbitt

Census 1901 Henry Cassidy

Census 1901 Herbert Cassidy

Census 1901 Thomas Cassidy

Census 1911 Henry Cassidy

Census 1911 Herbert Francis Cassidy

Census 1911 Robert Allen Cassidy

Census 1921 Herbert Francis Cassidy – Detail

Census 1921 Herbert Francis Cassidy

Census 1921 Robert Allen and Matthew Cassidy

Census 1921 Robert Allen Cassidy – Detail

Death Certificate William Milligan Cassidy 1915

High Resolution Images

Map of Cassidy Lake 1862 [Download .tif image]

Survey Map of 1815 [Download .tif image]