Andrew Cassidy (1762-1846)

Andrew Cassidy was William Cassidy’s father. All we know of Andrew are his dates, his marriage to Margaret Nesbitt in 1793, and their ten children.

Mike Cassidy believes Andrew and Margaret are buried in the old Church of Ireland cemetery in the Village of Inver at the mouth of the Eany River. This cemetery is very difficult to find now. The ruins of the Cassidy cottage, which Michael saw many years before 1999 on a visit to The Port, has disappeared. In its place now is a depot for a salmon fish farm.

In addition to the eldest son, William, we know that sons Frank, Robert, Thomas and Andrew also came to America and arrived in Saint John, N.B. or New England. We understand that Robert, Andrew and Thomas settled in the Boston area but we have so far not been successful in tracing their family trees.

Maureen Cassidy, Mike Cassidy’s wife, in her research in the church library in Dublin in 1999, found a Francis Cassidy, (1730-1821), who may be the father of Andrew Cassidy.