Ransford Edward Munro  ‏(I0421)‏
Ransford Edward Munro

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: Saint John, N.B.
Personal Facts and Details
Birth Saint John, N.B.

Marriage Nina Ethel Cassidy - 28 July 1888 Boston, Mass.

Reference Number 421
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Immediate Family  (F098)
Nina Ethel Cassidy
1864 - 1961
Ransford Edward Munroe
1892 - 1982


Shared Note
Ransford's occupation in 1893 was carpenter. He was the son of Asron Munro and Betty Burton of Penfield, Charlotte Co., N.B. Aaron was the son of John Munro, a revolutionary war soldier ‏(both sides)‏, who married Hannah Cross and settled in Penfield.

Note that the spelling of "Munro" is correct. Ransford Jr. added the "e" to make it "Munroe".

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Close Relatives
Family with Nina Ethel Cassidy
Ransford Edward Munro ‎(I0421)‎
Birth Saint John, N.B.
Nina Ethel Cassidy ‎(I0063)‎
Birth 14 February 1864 27 20 Saint John, N.B.
Death 1961 ‏(Age 96)‏ Quincy, Mass.

Marriage: 28 July 1888 -- Boston, Mass.
4 years
Ransford Edward Munroe ‎(I0422)‎
Birth 30 March 1892 28 Haverhill, Mass.
Death 1982 ‏(Age 89)‏ Weymouth, Mass.