Edward Wellington Cassidy
Memorial Cross ‏(Front)‏
Edward Wellington Cassidy  ‏(I0070)‏
Edward Wellington Cassidy

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 12 February 1894 57 50
Death: 22 December 1915 ‏(Age 21)‏ Died in Service
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 12 February 1894 57 50
Death 22 December 1915 ‏(Age 21)‏ Died in Service

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Parents Family  (F013)
Henry Cassidy
1836 - 1923
Ruby Susan Sherwood
1843 - 1927
David Ainsley Cassidy
1861 - 1938
Ellsworth Lorenzo Cassidy
1863 - 1898
Nina Ethel Cassidy
1864 - 1961
Ida May Cassidy
1867 -
Robert Harry Cassidy
1870 - 1955
Alice Lorette Cassidy
1871 - 1897
Frederick Walter Cassidy
1872 - 1932
Josephine Jemina Cassidy
1876 - 1928
Sarah Jane Cassidy
1886 - 1891
Edward Wellington Cassidy
1894 - 1915


Thanks to Nancy Cook, we have the Memorial Cross awarded to Private Wellington Cassidy 470569, 64th Battalion, Canadain Infantry who died 22 December, 1915. Son of Ruby S. Cassidy, of 121 Cornhill St., Moncton, NB and the late Henry Cassidy. Remembered with honor Clairville Cemetery.

Wellington's service record is available on the main Cassidy History website at www.cassidys.ca/history/pages/memorabilia.html. He joined the service at age 21 on Sept. 27, 1915. He died Dec. 22, 1915 in Halifax, NS.

The service record lists his mother as Peenby S. Cassidy. We think that is a typo and should be Ruby S. Cassidy.

One of the military service papers shows that Wellington’s service was overseas but that seems unlikely since he died in Halifax in December of 1915 and his unit ‏(64th Battalion)‏ did not sail to Europe until March of 1916. Checking out the 64th Battalion in Wikipedia, this unit was formed in April 1915 and recruited in NB, NS and PEI. They trained in Halifax before sailing to Europe in March 1916. So it seems unlikely that Wellington served overseas given is very brief time in the army; just a few months. If he did die overseas, they would not have returned the body and Halifax appears to be the place of death. It seems most likely that he was killed in a training exercise or died of a disease in Halifax while the 64 battalion was training for eventual participation in the war. Maybe Halifax newspapers or even the Kings County record might provide more information on what happened to Wellington. /Brian Cassidy 2019

Wellington is buried in Saint Matthews United Church Cemetery, Clairville, NB. Clairville is just east of Coal Branch ‏(north of Moncton and west of Bouctouche)‏. /Brian Cassidy 2021

Brian Cassidy - May 28, 2021. An extensive search of the Halifax Herald and Kings County Record, December 1915, revealed no mention of Wellington Cassidy. The Halifax Herald did however, report deaths, in Halifax, of soldiers in the 64th Battalion. Most common cause of death was from measles and pneumonia. The papers mentioned two hospitals: Military Hospital and Infectious Diseases Hospital. The current speculation is that Wellington met a similar fate.

Update May 29, 2021 - At an NBGS meeting today, I asked about Wellington’s possible cause of death and the suggestion was to check NS Vital Statistics. A statistics image image was provided by Daphne Wetmore. Wellington died of a combination of measles and broncho pneumonia. Length of illness was 5 days. On this single page, 4 of 6 deaths are soldiers from the 64th battalion and all from the same cause. Length of the illness was the same for 3 of them ‏(5 days)‏. So death from this condition was obviously common among the soldiers in Halifax at the time but I don’t have statistics on how many soldiers died overall or whether it was also a problem among the general population in Halifax. We know that 1918 was the start of the great influenza. The outbreak in Halifax may be related to the 1918 case.

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Family with Parents
Henry Cassidy ‎(I0010)‎
Birth 22 June 1836 39 38 Sussex, N.B.
Death 31 October 1923 ‏(Age 87)‏ Coal Branch, N.B.
7 years
Ruby Susan Sherwood ‎(I0060)‎
Birth 26 October 1843 Hillsdale, N.B.
Death 12 October 1927 ‏(Age 83)‏ Moncton, N.B.

Marriage: 18 August 1860 -- Saint John, N.B.
5 months
David Ainsley Cassidy ‎(I0061)‎
Birth 25 January 1861 24 17
Death 1938 ‏(Age 76)‏ Lawrence, Mass.
2 years
Ellsworth Lorenzo Cassidy ‎(I0062)‎
Birth 25 January 1863 26 19 Coal Branch, N.B.
Death 25 October 1898 ‏(Age 35)‏ Providence, R.I.
13 months
Nina Ethel Cassidy ‎(I0063)‎
Birth 14 February 1864 27 20 Saint John, N.B.
Death 1961 ‏(Age 96)‏ Quincy, Mass.
3 years
Ida May Cassidy ‎(I0064)‎
Birth 5 May 1867 30 23 Coal Branch, N.B.
Death Quincey, Mass.
3 years
Robert Harry Cassidy ‎(I0065)‎
Birth 19 April 1870 33 26 Coal Branch, N.B.
Death 21 September 1955 ‏(Age 85)‏ Napa, Calif.
10 months
Alice Lorette Cassidy ‎(I0066)‎
Birth 14 February 1871 34 27
Death December 1897 ‏(Age 26)‏
18 months
Frederick Walter Cassidy ‎(I0067)‎
Birth 13 August 1872 36 28
Death 1932 ‏(Age 59)‏ Lawrence, Mass.
4 years
Josephine Jemina Cassidy ‎(I0068)‎
Birth 23 February 1876 39 32
Death June 1928 ‏(Age 52)‏
11 years
Sarah Jane Cassidy ‎(I0069)‎
Birth 9 November 1886 50 43
Death 3 October 1891 ‏(Age 4)‏
7 years
Edward Wellington Cassidy ‎(I0070)‎
Birth 12 February 1894 57 50
Death 22 December 1915 ‏(Age 21)‏ Died in Service